• Updating the OS on an older machine…I may get a burn from it with the way the fan sounds.

  • Once of the best things about Seattle is riding the bus with other people’s dogs. Somehow petting a dog on the way to work makes the world right.

  • Finished weaving in ends on a hat and fingerless gloves. A shawl is in the works now.


  • Pretty flowers are all waking up to say “Spring is here!” At least for this week.

  • While chatting with a coworker, I came upon this question…What food is Seattle/PNW known for?

  • TMW you were just going to download some games to play tomorrow, but started playing and now it’s 3 hours later and you have a 5k in the morning.

  • Seahawks making Seattle traffic way worse than usual.

  • Watching rockets go into space will never get old.

  • Whew! Took a bit to get my Homepod to play the correct Grinch album.

  • OH: “You’re so purry when your hungry. Perhaps we should starve you more.” Note: Our cats are fed 3 times a day and get very purry before each feeding.

  • I was just discussing with Hobbes that humans time travel twice a year and we bring pets with us. Yeah, he didn’t buy it and just wants fed.

  • You know your dentist is cool when you get free cookies on Halloween.

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